What is content marketing?

What does content marketing means?

Content marketing means creating/crafting valuable content and sharing it to attract and convert the targeted audience into customers. The content you craft should be relevant and related to your brand, the products you sell or the services you are offering. In this way, you are creating a brand awareness and educating people by making them trust on you.

What is content marketing?

Types of content marketing

  • Blogging
  • Video Tutorials
  • EMail
  • Newsletter
  • Whitepaper
  • Free reports/ free evaluation etc,.

It takes more than “content is king” to work in this tricky environment.

The 3 essential elements of content marketing

  • High-quality content
  • Positioning yourself to success
  • Selling Smart

5 step content marketing research process

  • Get Motivated
  • Research your audience mindset
  • Discover the targeted audiences problems
  • Examine your competitors online content
  • Do the market research constantly

The 7 A strategy framework for content marketing success


  • Embrace an agile content marketing mindset.
  • Adopt smart research tools and acquire content optimisation solution.
  • Make decisions based on your initial research but research constantly based on audience response and feedback.


  • Do intense research to create an authentic story which your market segment will want to hear. Identify the topics people would be drawn to. Do a thorough keyword research about the language style used by your audience.
  • Identify the online and offline content resources to reach your targeted audience.
  • Position your topics in a useful and unique way that facilitates commerce


  • Keep developing and refining your approach
  • Test appropriate headlines
  • Focus on converting traffic into subscribers
  • Build up your social media networks


  • Monitor social media sharing of your content
  • Read the feedback and comments and act upon it
  • Perform question and answer sessions to identify desires and pain points


  • Reposition your content marketing strategy for impending products or service launches
  • Create better positioning based on audience feedback
  • Expand industry influence with webinars, interviews and presentations


  • Drop hints repeatedly about upcoming products or services
  • Create pre launch email list and encourage subscription
  • Devise a content based launch strategy that specifically educates to sell
  • Test various copy approaches to increase conversions


Now you would have earned a place for yourself by building your customers. Opportunities such as affiliate marketing, collaboration, partnership and joint ventures may come your way at this point. Keep evolving and focus on your content constantly.

10 content marketing tactics you need to know

  • Utilize direct mail
  • Publish a blog post series
  • Offer free/paid webinar
  • Contribute to forums
  • Review everything related to your industry products/services
  • Comment with purpose ( original, relevant & interesting on others blogs)
  • Write an industry report on the current hot topic
  • Invite a guest author to write a blog for you
  • Create monthly paid newsletter
  • Make the most use of video marketing

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