The Importance of Business Stationery

Business Stationary plays an important role in setting up the standard of business. It is an integral part of branding and requires a careful thought and deliberation. It is one of the most important and effective marketing tool. Moreover, it determines how seriously a business takes its identity and sets the bar of professionalism.

Business Stationery Importance

It’s an extended version of your brand

Having your logo or taglines in your everyday use stationery, as minimal as pens and notebooks, sets you apart and register you in the mind of the consumer. Even internally, your employees working on the things provided by the company provides them a mental assurance and they become more loyal in return.
Further, branded stationery separates you from the oriented companies. It is a very small aspect of the brand yet it has the potential to move things in your favour. For example, giving away branded cups, key chains, and pen stand holders to the consumer ensures brand recall. Thins will be used today or tomorrow, and the consumer will subconsciously remember you.
Go beyond your business requirements. Apart from having mere letterheads in your business papers, have complimentary slips with your information printed on it. Have your brand name, or logo printed on the pens or pencils that you give out for free. You can even go one step ahead and have magnet printed up with your brand visual identity that you customer will randomly throw it on their refrigerator and be reminded of you whenever they pass by or use it.

Continuous Marketing

Branded stationery does the job of marketing by itself. Every time your consumer uses the magnet or the pens you presented to them, they will think about even for a micro-second. Being able to remain in front of the consumer plays a very important role in their decision making. You or your brand automatically becomes their first choice due to the recurring appearances. Moreover, whenever the stationary gets passed on, it will be used by another stranger who can be your potential customer as well. Using the stationery with your logo printed on it reinforces the word the mouth recommendation.

Choosing the right branding company

The first step to get the right stationery branding is to choose a branding agency that does justice to the design elements associated to your brand. Your logo, tagline, and other visual elements must be sophistically carried out.

We are bunch of creative designers who love giving brand its identity and carrying to the same through multiple aspects. Utilising your brand colours, we determine what’s best for you and how you can strengthen your brand identity through your stationery. We are not mere designers, we are strategic design partners who will help with your stationery branding needs and also guide you what route can be taken to reach your brand’s full design potential. Reach out to us and let us help you strengthen your brand identity by leveraging it through your stationery.

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