How to create content that sells

Content Marketing is a great way to generate business. Understanding the consumer, their journey and the purchase process is the fortitude of any content marketing strategy. The content should be simple, educate and inspire as well to influence the buyer’s decision towards a service or product. Here are a few tips on how to come up with great content.

The 5C’s of Content Marketing

Context – Pay attention to the context with which the content is developed and conveyed to the intended audience.

Cornerstone – Decide on the primary elementary and essential topics for your blog/website/ marketing materials

Content connection – Craft your content in such a way that it’s engaging and enticing your prospects to make their purchase decision

Conversion – Draft your content in a way that there is a differentiating factor from your competition in the marketplace

Copy – Your copy should be written in a way it carries an irresistible offer, conveys the benefits. Follow the traditional copy writing techniques as they are alive and well

7A Content Marketing Framework


Start with an agile mindset to convey an interactive story. Through this, you will know who is your target audience, who is not, their desires, problems and you will slowly adapt to their feedback.


Here comes the research stage. Research is the foremost important step to write constructive content which sells. Do your research work on your prospects day today life, their dreams, hopes and problems. This approach will help you understand what your audience actually want to buy.


In this phase, you will be creating content which will grab eyeballs. There should be an expression of empathy, a call for something adventurous and a solution to overcome all obstacles. The content should be crafted such that, it becomes a catalyst and motivation for prospects/readers. This will help the audience to bond with you or your brand.


Challenges will definitely keep appearing during your content marketing process in the form of feedback. This will help you create a more interactive and engaging content and also helps to gain more traction.


Authority here means when you or your organisation/company is recognised by your valued prospects. Congratulations! Because when you have reached this stage, you have walked a mile in your market shoes, metaphorically.


By this stage, the audience knows you, probably likes you and trusts you. This phase is where copywriting comes into the picture. Now that people know you, you do not need a hard sales pitch as 75% of the battle is already fought. Craft the perfect deals and offers . At this point, it will be quite easy for you because you will also know the communication way which will be understood by the prospects. You will know which will be accepted, resisted and ojected by them.


This is the rewarding phase. Don;t let the success get into your head, because it is easy to fall down. Keep scoring with your content marketing strategy, and slowly you will notice the increase in the number of tractions.

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