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Every creative agency would accept the fact that sometimes they get frustrated by clients who do not know what they want exactly. But the harsh truth is, most of the times the issues in the project occurs due to miscommunication between the two parties.

Sometimes, it is difficult for the client to communicate to a designer exactly what they need. “Make is vibrant”, “Zoom in”, “Change the visuals” are not really clear instructions.Use colours like red or yellow to make the catalogue vibrant.Change the visuals to something similar to the references I have attached

  • Use colours like red or yellow to make the catalogue vibrant.
  • Zoom the picture as the child with the coconut should be seen prominently
  • Change the visuals to something similar to the references I have attached
  • This is the correct way to explain what needs to be changed. This will help to save everybody’s time and energy to come up with the best designs.

    Here are a few tips for CLIENTS, on how to effectively communicate with a designer or creative agency.

    Know your requirements first

    Before you hire an agency or designer know your needs and requirements. Designers require your exact needs to make the creative look the same way as you have visualized. Ask the agency or designer to send a brief questionnaire about what they will be requiring to start with the design work. Take a day or two to figure out. Be vocal about your likes and dislikes. Always send a few references of designs which you like. This will help them understand your taste and give more assurance to the designer that he can get the work done exactly the way you need it.

    Know the designer

    Most of the times, a designer really knows what will work well and what should be considered in a brand. Talk with the designer and have an open ear to get their ideas and suggestions too. Since most of the agencies offer 2 or 3 options in a design, give the designer the freedom to work on one design the way he likes. You may probably like that design more than the ones you have suggested to them. They will know exactly which colour will go well with which, legible fonts and visuals which will appeal. In a single line, TRUST YOUR DESIGNER.

    Show humanity

    This is the most important point. It is necessary to be on good terms with the designer to get the desired output. At times, there may be some conflicts. Sometimes you may have to deal with unprofessional designers. But the best way to deal with such situations, is to be patient and try communicating your needs specifically. Most of the designers are professional. Give them their space and do not be hard on deadlines.

    Closing Thought

    At Big Pencil, it has always been a pleasure for us to work with clients who are equally talented and interested in giving their opinions and ideas in the creative work. We strive to explain everything and discuss with the client, at every stage of the design process. We primarily, create a timeline and work according to it and get feedback to improve on the work. Reach out to us at

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