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How is your website design killing your SEO?

Powerful websites are the ones that attracts their right audience, generate leads simultaneously representing the brand and its message. Creating a website that does all three things can get a little difficult but definitely not impossible. It’ll demand your extra time, a little more of brainstorming and working hours, but it is all worth it.

Website designers and brand managers usually focus on the site design as such– how it looks and whether or not it presents an appropriate brand’s image. However, this leads to a tug of war between form and function. In simple terms, what the website is looking like v/s what the website does. And in between solving these complexities, one usually overlooks SEO.

Yes, SEO is affected by the way your website looks and functions. SEO plays a major role in attracting your audience and delivering leads, thus you cannot afford to overlook it. Your website has to work for you rather than being just a pretty face.

Here, in this blog, we have mentioned common website design mistakes that literally destroy your SEO. Make a note to avoid them.

Splash Pages

Your SEO will be ruined if you start your website with an intro screen with little relevant content. Don’t make your entry page a large advertisement. An entry page with a huge colour dominant graphic and only one or two links–“click here” is like you telling Google or other search engines that your page is nothing but a giant advertisement. A quality website will have content on most of its pages, especially the home page. Make sure your home page showcases the best of what you offer and include a creative copy which is frequently updated.

Too many images, too little content

A website which is mostly made up images or Flash (which is outdated), has a very bland content, will have a difficult time for search engines to index. A picture maybe speaks a thousand words, but a thousand words can do more for your website SEO. Google is not going to rank the pictures, it will rank the content keywords.

If you want your audience to find you and your content then don’t create your entire site out of Flash, no matter how creative, fun and beautiful it may look.

Be careful. What you need is a careful balance between the graphical appeal that your audience will like and the content that will improve your website’s SEO. You have to find a perfect balance

between text and content if you are relying on website traffic for your leads. If you don’t really care about your ranks in SEO, and trust your designing skills, then by all means design that eye-popping flash site and showcase your designing brilliance.

Too many fonts and colours

We are not saying that your site looks this bad (at least we hope so), but mismatching fonts and colours is a very common mistake. Experimenting is good, but know where to stop. Obvious mismatching of colours with fonts will make your viewer think that the creator of the website was an amatuer designer.

Some fonts and colours are too difficult to read, regardless of how interesting and unique they appear. You would not want people to get confused with your brand’s message. This will make them leave your pages within seconds (another bad result). Graphic designers have spent hours learning how to pair a font with colour, or utilize the white space (if that’s what you are worried about). Hire a professional designer or an agency and make them create what you desire. With their professional help you can have a visually appealing website with optimized content.

Your page speed

Your page speed will affect your website ranking big time. A poorly designed website, for example a site designed with bad coding or just too many large and heavy graphics will load super-slow. This is like a goodbye to your SEO ranking. Speedy page load times are very essential to an optimized website.

Even Google has made it clear that page load times factor into site ranking. A visitor will be happy if the web page load within seconds, without any fuss, and that is exactly what Google is afterm as well you should be.

Ineffective page, title and using too much of stock images

What’s wrong with naming? Name your image (the “alt” text that appears on the image hovers), page meta titles (which appear in the browser), and of course the URLs with your keywords. These are the most common mistakes made, but this is something that is considered as “good on-page” SEO. Stop leaving the name of your page, image and URLs on the developer. You should create a focused program that addresses your website keywords and also matches your page content. The titles, URLs and alt tags for each page should be unique and reflect the content of that page.

Yes, the stock images. Certain type of stock images are everywhere, like the friendly customer support representative here.

Many websites today are including original, high-quality photos rather than just the normal stock images in order to get ahead of the competition. It is said that users usually click away from sites with heavy amount of stock images, original images appear more genuine.

Create a website that works in all aspects

Creating a website with a proper balance of aesthetic and SEO is the need of the hour. You have to consider these following mistakes to ensure that your website is following good SEO practices. Some other quick tips would be–have focused and interesting content on each page, make the navigation crystal clear and make sure your contact information is appropriately put out and easy to find.

Closing Thought

Avoid these common mistakes and get your website ranked high in the search engines. If you have anything else you would want to know or share on website design and SEO then let us know in the comments section. We would be happy to discuss. If you would like us to help with your website design & development and SEO, check out our services in www.bigpencil.in
Thanks for reading!

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